For a flat fee, ZESCO FSR will inspect, clean and sanitize your ice machine to provide you with the clearest, best tasting ice possible. All labor and cleaning chemicals are included.

Scope of Work: 

  • Drain Ice Machine And Lines Completely
  • Disassemble / Clean Float, Pump, Tube, Sensors, & Probes
  • Inspect All Parts For Wear And Recommend Replacements
  • Check And Replace Water Filter ( Additional Charge )
  • Help Staff Remove Ice For Storage In Other Containers Or Bins And Load Into Walk-In Cooler To Minimize Ice Waste
  • Clean And Sanitize Inside Of Ice Bin
  • Reassemble All Parts And Cycle Cleaning Solution Thru Ice Machine
  • Flush System 3 X Times With Water To Ensure All Chemicals Removed From System And Dispose Of Contaminated Ice
  • Test Cycle Machine To Ensure Unit Has Made A Cycle Of Ice
  • Final Inspection And Wipe Down Of Unit
  • Total Included Labor Time: 3 – 4 Hours
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