Reduce equipment downtime with periodic preventative maintenance on your vital kitchen equipment. Our CFSP certified tech will run through a comprehensive checklist specific to each type of equipment, looking for damaged or near failing components – including gaskets, electrical connections, and clogged airways.

Performance and Peace of Mind

Planned or Preventative Maintenance helps keep your equipment running at its peak potential, and allows you to schedule repairs before unexpected downtime occurs. Enjoy greater peace of mind knowing your equipment is ready to perform when needed.

Comprehensive Checks

Just a few examples of areas checked during a checkup:

  • Refrigeration: Check for proper holding temperatures. Check door gaskets, hinges, and hardware. Remove dust and debris from condensing coils, drain lines and pan.
  • Cooking: Calibrate temperatures. Examine for clogged orifices. Check flame controls and regulators.
  • Ice Machines: Clean, de-liming and sanitize ice making components. Inspect parts. Remove dust and debris from the condenser coil.
  • Dish Machines: Check floats and sensors. Check seals and gaskets for leaks. De-lime wash tank. Ensure proper wash and rinse temperatures.
  • Coffee Makers & Steam Equipment: Check electrical switches, connections, and lights. De-lime steam generators and water tanks. Check and clean probes, floats, spray head and funnel
Recommendations and Repairs

After inspections, We’ll walk you through our findings and detail any critical issues – providing estimates if additional parts are required.

Single Checkup or Annual Contract

ZESCO FSR can provide these services as a single checkup, or part of an institutional kitchen or multi-unit contract covering all your equipment. Contact us for a quote based on your equipment and scope needs.

Call Now for Information on a Kitchen Checkup or Planned Maintenance Contract – 317-269-9300

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