Building out a new restaurant space or remodeling an existing one can be a hectic experience – especially with multiple vendors and limited storage space. Let ZESCO and ZESCO FSR handle all of your equipment receiving, performing freight damage inspections and short-term storage at our Indianapolis warehouse. We then coordinate with your on-site contractors for delivery according to your needs and timelines.

Take the Headache Out of Receiving

Our team takes responsibility for all your incoming shipments – from fixtures to equipment – and provides secure storage at our downtown Indianapolis warehouse.

Inspection and Storage

We inspect your packages for damage and coordinate with your team on any freight claim resolutions. We consolidate all your deliveries at our space, keeping your worksite free of unnecessary clutter.

Co-ordinated Delivery and Install

Using a Just-in-Time philosophy, we deliver your equipment, fixtures, and supplies to your job site according to your specific needs and timelines. Our ZESCO FSR technicians can also install, set and calibrate your kitchen equipment – even pieces purchased elsewhere.

Saving Time, Space and Frustration

ZESCO FSR’s construction logistics services allow you and your contractor team to concentrate on the construction of your new foodservice space. Whether you need simple off-site storage space or complete receiving and delivery coordination – we’ll work with you to design a logistics contract that fits your budget and needs.

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